Well – being – What is it that causes?

Well – being – What is it that causes?

A sense of well-being is what most of us want. But it seems difficult to pin down this term ‘ well-being.’ What’s it exactly? And how is this going to happen? Clearly it’s about a lack of physical discomfort and emotional distress. Maybe it comes from finding pleasure in the activities and possessions of one. Is it also about feeling good about yourself, being satisfied with your lot, being satisfied with what has been achieved? It is inconceivable that if they lack the energy to do things, they could have a sense of well-being when they see life as boring, pointless and meaningless. Well-being and significance.

Well-being in positive psychology is a central concept. Most noteworthy, those conducting research in this area agree that life is at the center of this state of mind in a meaningful way. It gives us a sense of purpose to have something important that we value. It might be about searching for prestige, power, or money. Or it might be about creativity, knowledge acquisition, or contributing to a social cause. We want to associate with others, therefore, who share what we find meaningful.

A study of hospital cleaners was reported by Bridget Grenville-Cleave of East London University. Some people thought that their work was mundane and boring. According to the job description, they just did what they had to do and minimized their patient interaction. They haven’t enjoyed their work and felt it was meaningless. However, other people saw their work differently. They took on additional tasks and interacted with patients more frequently. They enjoyed their work and felt it contributed to the comfort and hygiene of the patient and the hospital’s smooth running.

Well-being and higher significance Sensing meaning is how we think about it in something. What we understand, therefore, and how we interpret it. Maybe you see employment as a way to make money. Or you might think of it as part of a career and seek status, self-esteem, and higher pay promotion. On the other hand, you might be like those cleaners who found meaning in what they were supposed to do in the social context.

Some people don’t go to work primarily for money or advancement (although external rewards don’t matter to them). Instead, they’re primarily concerned with helping to make the world a better place, even if it’s just in a tiny way. So, we could say work is more of a’ calling’ for them. It’s loved what’s done. If they were no longer able to do the job, they would experience less well-being.

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