Daily Focus, Peace & Joy practices

Daily Focus, Peace & Joy practices

I know I have to sound like a broken record sometimes. I repeat to my clients, my students, my friends, my family over and over again. And I’m going to say that again. If you want to live a happy, peaceful life, self-care is not an option. Especially if you are a person that is sensitive, empathic. Self-care includes obvious elements like a nutrient-rich-plant-rich-diet, plenty of exercise, and good hygiene, of course. If you want to maintain good health, no one is optional.

Self-care must also include emotional, spiritual practices in order to maintain happiness and inner peace. My daily practices that I share below help me to remain focused, focused, optimistic, connected, creative, productive, peaceful and happy. For me, these are the tools and techniques. Depending on the day, the amount of time available, and my emotional / spiritual needs, I mix and match with most. Some practices are non-negotiable, and I do them every day, such as meditation and gratitude.

I usually do at least four or five of these techniques for most days. I’m only doing 2 a few days. I could do them all other days! Some are so fast, or so easy to fit in my day, that they don’t take’ extra time.’ And, to tell the truth, I feel completely off, out of focus, and anxious when I don’t do anything that happens once in a while. That’s why to track my progress I use a checklist. I learned the hard way, it’s not worth down the track.

Create a plan of your own. Take any of the following techniques that work for you, put them in your own pockets all day long. Choose at least one activity to do every day, no matter what, such as meditation. It doesn’t take much time for any of the activities. And as long as you pepper them all day long, your energy will be optimized.

Every day, from 10 to 60 minutes, I practice some form of meditation. I do two or more short meditations a few days. Insight Timer is a fantastic, free app with which I use my meditations to time. It comes with a comprehensive sound, bells, meditations, and music library. For this meditation, I use John Randolph Price’s The Abundance Book. It’s a little green book with 10 statements of principle. I meditate for 15 minutes, 40 days or more on one principle a day. This helps keep me in a frame of mind that is abundant, spiritual.

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