Are you tired? Are you depleted? Step One to elevate your energy vibration!

Are you tired? Are you depleted? Step One to elevate your energy vibration!

Can you cultivate your state of being so that you feel safe, peaceful, compassionate, energized and empowered regardless of what happens? I’m not talking about feeling the whole spectrum of human feelings. It’s the way you relate to them, rather. Is it possible from a baseline of inner freedom, empowered energy, and elevated consciousness to relate to all moments? We’re going to explore the first step in this article:

Increase your overall charge or power

The first step to increase your baseline vibration is to increase your overall energy. The teaching is simple in Qigong Meditation: gather more energy than you spend. It’s really common sense when you look at this. You deplete yourself if you spend as much energy as you have. You’ve left nothing. It’s just too much to think about doing one more thing, like taking 10 minutes to improve your state of being. You are already overloaded, overwhelmed, and exhausted at the edge.

Therefore, if you want to cultivate an elevated state of being, managing your time and effort is absolutely essential for you to have an energy surplus. This surplus is what you are going to use to create new opportunities. You will always try to get by without this surplus of energy, just trying to get everything done and just trying to survive. There’s nothing going to change.

So how can you create a surplus of energy? It’s common sense again. Most of us know it involves things. Yet we often don’t do them. The world’s demands force us to give all our energy to work, tasks, and caring for others. They are pushing us to go against our own best knowledge. The irony is that we are less and less effective and useful to others and the world unless we take time to cultivate our own energy.

Given this predicament, gathering an energy surplus will only occur if we commit to taking one or more small steps every day. These small steps accumulate as we do them consistently into large gains. Here are a few simple ways of building your energy charge. You might be able to choose one or more that you think you can do right now: 1. Go to bed earlier 30-40 minutes. Even an extra 30 minutes of nightly sleep accumulates over time into a huge energy gain. 2. Use prayer, affirmations or meditation to wake up 10 minutes earlier and center yourself. How do you feel in the morning when you wake up?

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